What is LangTutor?

Its this sweet little app for the android that makes studying different languages fun and easy! Right now Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian are available. More languages are on the way!

This app will quiz you on the language you are studying in three main ways. First with an audio quiz. Then with a spelling quiz. Last but not least there is a 3D flashcard quiz.

The Quizzes

The audio quiz speaks words to you in the foreign language you are studying and you must translate the word and choose it from six possible answers.

The spelling quiz will mix up the spelling of a word, and you'll need to drag the letters into the correct order.

The flashcard portion of the app is designed like regular flashcards, foreign word on the front, translated word on the back.

Full version

If you like what you saw in the free version make sure to grab the full version. The full version has 250 words for you to study. Man, you'll be an expert speaker in no time!

More languages coming soon, promise!